Our Staff

Rhonda George

Rhonda George is the Owner of By George Appraisals, DAR /CNAREA Real Property Appraiser & Certified Appraisal Reviewer.

Rhonda has been in the Appraisal industry since 2002.  In 8 years of Appraisal practice she completed over 5000 properties representing a variety of situations: single family, multi family up to four units, mobile homes, acreages with homes, bare land and farming units up to 160 acres.

With her vast experience in the industry she is able to meet your appraisal needs.

Call Rhonda at 780.717.6801

Don George

Don George  BA, DAR / CNAREA Real Property Appraiser & Certified Appraisal Reviewer.

Don George, Rhonda's brother, joined her in April, 2008, and  in January, 2015, secured his full fledged appraiser designation - DAR (Designated Appraiser - Residential). In March, 2015, Don secured the Certified Appraisal Reviewer designation.

Don has extensive experience in personal home insurance and commercial properties, and over those 15 years, has underwritten or given oversight to, the underwriting of thousands of properties representing hundreds of millions of dollars in insured values and millions of dollars in premium volume, covering properties across Western Canada, the North, and in Ontario.  Part of an appraiser's job is to start by figuring out what improvements cost to build, brand new. Don's insurance industry experience lends itself well to that part of the job,  and to all of the analysis that is required in a credible result appraisal. As of May 2017, Don has appraised over 6,000 properties. Don is currently taking commercial / business appraiser courses, working towards the DAC (Designated Appraiser - Commericial) designation.

Call Don at 780.237.1646

Laurie Armstrong

Laurie Armstrong CM / CNAREA

Lauries started at By George Appraisals as a report Administrator in 2015. She recently completed the RECA Real Estate Appraisal course.  Laurie's past experience in customer service and volunteer work give her the necessary skills to provide excellent customer service.

Call Laurie at 780.818.8795