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  We are a full service residential and commercial appraisal company serving the Greater Edmonton region and points south-west, west, north-west, east and northeast: Counties include: Parkland, Strathcona, Leduc, Wetaskiwin, Brazeau, Yellowhead, Lac Ste Anne, Athabasca, Thorhild, Smoky Lake, Woodlands, Westlock, Barrhead, and the MD of Greenview. 

Book your appraisal today!  Our turnaround time is typically 48 hours from the time the actual inspection is complete. 

Reasons why you would get a Real Property Appraisal.?

  •  Subdividing property   
  • Settling an estate as an executor/trix of a will and need to value assets
  • Doing some estate & will planning for yourself
  • Liquidating assets on behalf of someone you are a trustee for or have power of attorney for
  • Getting a divorce
  • You are a lawyer representing someone who is getting a divorce
  • Need to value assets for CRA / income tax / capital gains purposes
  • Not in agreement with the recent tax assessment amounts of your property, from your local municipal government    
  • Looking carefully at a property to buy, and want to make an informed offer     
  • About to list your property for sale on a private basis & need an accurate list & selling price      
  • Need a market value opinion to compare against the "actual cash value / market value" insurance claims settlement offer, from a property insurance company
  • Are you a property insurance company claims person, or an independant claims adjuster, needing an appraisal on a total loss insured for ACV, or where an ACV settlement is being considered
  • Are you with a law firm,  representing a lender / financial institution for foreclosure purposes     
  • Are you with an accounting firm / bankruptcy firm, and assisting someone going through the bankruptcy process & need assets valued
  • Are you about to declare bankruptcy and need your property valued 
  • Are you in the process of transferring your home property title from your company's asset list back to your own name
  • Are you an accountant or financial planner looking to provide an extra value add service to your clients

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